I am always on the lookout for the most intriguing and inspiring paintings from Dutch painters and other similar artists. My collections varies from bulb fields to Amsterdam street impressions. This website shows my current collection.

Want to sell your Dutch painting?

As a collector I am always looking for the finest Dutch paintings. My focus in is this area. On the side you see a list of artists that I am interested in. Do you own or know somebody that owns artworks of these painters? Please let me know and I’ll give you a fair price. Fully discrete, if desired.

Call: +316 48 96 31 26

G.J. Staller, Leo Gestel, C. Vreedenburgh, Jo Koster, Co Breman, Willie Sluiter, Ben Viegers, Jan Sluiter, Isaac Israels, Van der Hem, Paul Rink, Hart Nibbrig, L. Soonius, Fernand Toussaint, H. Wolter, W. A. Knip, Martin Monnickendam, Simon Maris, Albert Roelofs, Hessel de Boer, Raoul Martinez, J. Akkeringa, Zoetelief Tromp, H. Moerkerk, B.J. Blommers, Otto Eerelman, A.P. Schotel, Voerman jr., Voerman sr., G.A.L. Morgenstjerne Munthe, etc. 

Fun facts


I have visited 19(!) countries in Europe to buy or inspect paintings


My passion for collection artwork from painters all started when my grandfather asked me to drive to an auction when I was young.



Born and raised in the well known area of the Jordaan. This explains why I alwasy speak from the heart.

Contact me


tel: +31648963126


Ben Bonenberg

My passion for painted artworks all began when my grandfather asked me to drive to an auction in the early 60's. After the war, I was the only one in the family who had a driver's licence, hence the request as chaffeur. I got shivers down my spine when entering the auction. The tension, the bidding, I fell in love at instant. From that point on I started to collect paintings om my own, which eventually led into having my own gallery for a while. Currently I am collecting mostly (Amsterdam based) street and Jewsih Impressions and artworks which inspire me.

My Collection

  • All
  • Adriaan de la Rivière
  • Aquarel
  • B.J. Blommers
  • Ben Viegers
  • C. Stoitzher
  • Fernand Toussiant
  • Gorg Espagnat
  • Henri Cassiers
  • Houtskool
  • Isaac Israels
  • J. M. Ten Kate
  • J.J. Hoofner
  • Niek van der Plas
  • Olieverf
  • Paul Hagenmans
  • Rafael de Buck
  • Roberto Baldassarini
  • S. Schroder
  • Staller
  • Vaarzon Morel WFAJ
  • Van der Mey
  • Willem de Klerk

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Art Collection

Hein Klaver

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